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This page is a work in progress!

Please contact us if you plan on making any alterations to the exterior or interior of your unit.

This Committee is explicitly described in §7.9 of our By-Laws. It is intended to advise The Board that any proposed exterior modifications do not detract from the overall design of The Grove.

The Board recently solicited for Committee members for this, and all of our Committees. In Fall of 2023 the Board formed an Executive Committee with Tamara Simmons & Joe Mora as the primary members, and Colin Smith as an alternate. This should expedite approval of Architectural Modifications in-between the regular Board Meeting schedule.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining any of our existing committees, or if you would like to suggest another one.

Exterior Modifications

Generally, all exterior modifications require Board Approval. Even with the items listed below, Homeowners are still required to come to a Board Meeting to present their intention to perform the modification and indicate that they will follow with Board-approved designs. This can help to expedite Board discussion relating to these modifications.

For guidance, see our:

Our Policy on Satellite Dishes and Antennas and our Policy on Wall Lanterns.

Many of our Garden-Level units have lattice work installed. Please contact us or come to a Board Meeting to discuss these installations. These drawings were prepared in 1994 as the Board-approved styling for lattice work, any approved installation must conform to these plans:

Lattice Fence Plans

Top Floor Units

There are a few top-level units with awnings, both fixed & retractable. Please come to a Board Meeting to discuss any awning that you wish to install.

Mid-Level Units

Some of our mid-level units are a "duplex" style layout with a Garden-Level bedroom. Many of these units have installed lattice screens around their lower-level patios.

Garden Level Units

Many of these units feature long lanai which are also often enclosed with lattice screens.

Interior Modifications

If you plan to remove drywall or modify walls, you must bring your plans to The Board and seek appropriate permits from the City of Goleta.

Third Floor "Attics"

These areas are Common Area and are intended for the install & maintenance of the respective unit's furnace only. Homeowners may not perform any modifications in these spaces without Board approval.

Flooring Requirements

When replacing flooring, please be considerate to your neighbors. The Board requires all flooring comply with Section 1206.3 of International Building Code to help reduce sounds heard by "down-stairs" units.

More information is available at this link:

IBC 2018 §1203.6