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Conduct of Elections to the Board of Directors:

1. Nominations to the Board will be made at the annual meeting of the association. Nominations may be made by a nominating committee, any unit owner, or by the nominee. The qualifications to serve on the Board are as per the association By-laws.

2. If the number of nominations is equal to or less than the number of Board slots open, the chair of the meeting will ask for a motion to close the nominations and elect the slate.

3. If there are more nominees than Board slots open:

a. The board will caucus at the annual meeting to appoint an "inspector of elections". The inspector shall be an owner who is not on the Board, is not a nominee for the Board, is not related to a nominee for the Board, and is not related to a member of the current Board.
b. The Board may also appoint one or more assistants for the inspector of elections.
c. Secret ballots will be handed to each unit represented at the annual meeting, including those in attendance and those with proxies.
d. The ballots will be voted, placed in an envelope, and then placed into another envelope. The outer envelope shall include the unit address and name of the person voting. The inner envelope shall have no identification and shall be opened only by the inspector of elections.
e. If the By-laws provide for an if any owner requests it, voting shall be by cumulative voting.
f. The inspector of elections shall count the ballots and announce the nominees elected.

4. Ballots shall be retained by the Board Secretary for at least one year after the election.

Adopted by the Board on October 5, 2006