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This page is an adaption of our 2015 "Resident Guidelines", which itself is a compilation of The Board's Policy Decisions from 2008 through 2015. Except where indicated, this set of policies were adopted in November of 2015.

Policies are non-binding statements of how The Board intends to meet its responsibilities and exercise its authority. The purpose of these policies is to communicate standing decisions of The Board to Owners, Residents, and other interested persons. Policies are valid only to the extent that they comply with federal, state, & local law, the CC&Rs, and the Bylaws. Furthermore, policies may be waived, repealed, or simply disregarded by the Board in any situation. Nevertheless, good governance dictates that policies should be followed closely, and that they should be applied consistently & justly.

We have attempted to preserve the exact wording of the text with updates where applicable. Nevertheless, errors may exist. When a definitive interpretation is required, please refer to the original .pdf of this document, or ask us for clarification.

The original compiled Resident Guideline .pdf is available here:

Eucalyptus Grove Resident Guidelines, 2015 (pdf)



We hope you will enjoy living here. For the comfort and safety of all, the Board of Directors has carefully and thoughtfully developed these guidelines. They are to provide you with basic information which you may find helpful. If you need the specific wording, please refer to your CC&R’s, By-laws, or the appropriate California civil codes on which these guidelines are based.

The Grove is intended as an “owners-occupied” complex. Please check your Bylaws for specific requirements. Tenants must comply with restrictions listed in your CC&R’s and Bylaws.

These Guidelines approved by The Board on 2/5/15.

IF YOU HAVE TENANTS, PLEASE GIVE THEM A COPY OF THE BYLAWS AND OF THESE GUIDELINES. Please make extra copies for future tenants. Tenants are required to sign a receipt of the Grove Rules and Regulations and an acknowledgement that full compliance is a necessary condition for residence in The Grove.


The Association is managed by Bartlein & Company, Inc. located at 3944 State St., Suite 200. The phone number is (805) 569-1121. The Fax is (805) 682-4341. If you have any questions or you have an emergency, please call. For emergencies, someone is available at all hours.


The Board of Directors typically holds a monthly meeting and all owners are welcome. The time and place are noted in your Newsletter. If you would like to be placed on the agenda, please call or write to Bartlein & Company, Inc., and notify them at least one week in advance.

Monthly agendas are posted at the mailbox kiosks, e-mailed to known owners, or posted on the association website.

A monthly Newsletter is published to keep all owners and tenants informed, it is sent via e-mail or regular mail according to preference. Therefore, it is essential that you notify us of any changes in tenancy. Copies of the Newsletter and Minutes of the Board meetings are also available on the Grove website (

In January of each year, the Association typically holds its annual meeting, at this meeting if a Board members term is up there will be an election. If you are a homeowner and are interested in serving on the Board you can have someone nominate you or you may nominate yourself. As a homeowner a proxy vote will be mailed to you, it is very important to turn your proxy vote in or attend the meeting to help ensure a quorum (quorum - a minimum number of “90” members that must be present or represented via proxy to make the proceedings of the annual meeting valid). The notification of the Annual Meeting is published in the Newsletter.


Monthly Association fees are due at the beginning of each month. If payment is received after the 30th of the month, a late charge of 1.5% of the outstanding balance will be assessed for each month payment is late. (Please see Annual Budget for specifics.) For your convenience, you may have your fees paid automatically from your checking account. If you are interested in this free service, please call Bartlein & Company, Inc.


For emergency purposes, it is recommended that you have extinguishers inside you unit. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are required by law and should be checked on a regular basis. You should strongly consider having a smoke alarm with battery backup in each bedroom in case the power is cut off. Be aware that Santa Barbara County adopted the California Fire Code that states: “Charcoal burners and other open-flame cooking devices shall not be operated on combustible balconies or within 10 feet of combustible construction".


The responsibility of maintaining the exterior of the building is generally the responsibility of the Association, while the interior is the responsibility of the unit owners. However, there are exceptions (i.e. exterior doors and windows, private balcony surfaces, and exclusive-use utilities and service lines, etc., belong to the unit owner) so please read the CC&R’s for further explanation. All Units are expected to be kept in a clean, sanitary, workable and attractive condition.

The Grove provides janitorial services for the pool area and the Exercise Room. However, all residents should clean up after themselves. It is up to the occupants of each building to keep the staircase swept and exterior of units neat and orderly.

If you notice termite or any other pest activities in your unit or around your building, you should call Bartlein & Company, Inc. The unit owners are responsible for having an inspection report produced by a licensed pest control company. The Association is responsible for dealing with the termites when they are in the common structure.


Each unit has its own water and gas meter accessible from the outside utility area adjacent to each building. Plumbing and gas repairs pertaining to each unit (whether within or exterior to the unit) are typically the individual owners responsibility. This also applies to all other exterior utility and service lines (electric, cable, sewer, etc.) for which the unit has exclusive use. If you need assistance locating or operating the water and gas meters, please call the utility company. Unit Owners are liable for damages to other units and the common area building structure if the source of the damage (water leak, fire, etc.) is from within their unit or exclusive-use utility lines.


In order to promote and maintain uniformity and attractiveness of the Grove, please keep your area clutter free. Only patio furniture is allowed on the patio or balcony area. Hanging clothes, bikes, surfboards, and other items from the balcony is prohibited. Patios, balconies, front landings, and walkways do not belong to the unit. They are considered “exclusive use common areas,” and as such have more restricted uses, as defined by the CC&R's and Association.

No owner shall, at his own expense or otherwise, make any alteration, addition or modification to the building in which his unit is located or to any part or portion of the common area or recreation area, without the prior written approval of the Board. Certain interior modifications to the unit are also prohibited or require prior approval and authorization.

Flower pots are not to be placed in walkways that would limit or restrict emergency access, or placed on top of the handrails as moisture from watering will rot the wood. They are also a danger to all passers-by below. In addition, hanging plants should not be positioned over handrail and should have saucers attached underneath.


Each unit has one assigned covered parking space. This space is only for authorized vehicles and can not be used for storage of other objects. Please do not park in another unit’s space; otherwise, your vehicle may be towed at your expense. No trailer, boat, or camper can be kept anywhere at the Grove. There are also 159 uncovered, unassigned, parking areas available for the exclusive use of Grove residents. At present, the total number of unassigned parking areas appears to be adequate, but the distribution of those spaces is, at best, unfortunate. Phase I and II don’t have nearly enough and Phase III has more than enough. All unassigned parking spaces, unless otherwise posted as 24-hr parking or long term parking, are for short-term (maximum 72-hr) parking only. Designated long-term parking (more than 72-hr) is located in Phase III on the far east side of the complex. Vehicles parked long-term (more than 72-hrs) in any other areas are subject to towing at owners expense. All vehicles parked in the complex must display a valid license plate with current operational registration tags or may be subject to towing at the owners expense. Please observe the 10MPH speed limit while in the driveway or parking area. Repairing vehicles or extensive maintenance in the parking lot is not allowed.

There is a car wash area in Phase III. Please remember to shut off the water when finished, and roll up the hose so it is not lying where it can be damaged by others who may drive over it.

Please see attached Exhibit A for further specifics.


There is a common trash and recycling area nearby each building. Both trash and recycling containers have lids. Please make sure your trash goes directly into the bin and not on top of the bin cover. The trash is picked up three times a week. The garbage company will not pick up any large items or toxic materials. This prohibition includes electronics, batteries, paints and other solvents, furniture, beds, refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc. (this list continues). If you have such large items for disposal, you will need to contact the appropriate agency for pick-up or take the item to the appropriate recycling center (see Grove website for numbers). Nothing will be picked up unless it is in the trash or recycling containers. At this time, there is recycling program available through Marborg and the recycling containers are picked up every Tuesday and Friday. All recyclable materials can be co - mingled. Flattening boxes and plastic containers and crushing cans are appreciated. (Please see attached Exhibit B for specifics).


For your enjoyment, there is a Pool / Jacuzzi, Sauna and Exercise Room. Please always bring your Facilities Pass (Gate Card) with you to gain access. Please remember that SMOKING AND GLASS CONTAINTERS ARE PROHIBITED in these enclosed common areas. Guests and underage children (younger than 14 years old) should be accompanied by an adult resident. Please see Exhibit #C for specifics and hours of operation. Please respect these hours.

Note: Tenants, if you do not have a Gate Card, please contact your landlord. Owners who are behind on their monthly fees will not receive a new pass until their balance is current. There is also a $10.00 replacement fee for a lost or missing gate card.


Due to the limited space and thin walls, owners may have ONLY ONE DOG OR ONE CAT. (The dog must be 25 pounds or less when fully grown). When outside, your pet should be controlled by a leash. Residents must take necessary steps to ensure that their pet does not cause any odor or noise that would infringe on others right to their space and peace. For obvious reasons, please clean up after your own pet. There is a dog run near the front gate with disposable bags for your convenience. Please see the more detailed Pet Policy for further restrictions & requirements.


The gas fireplace in the units is only for decorative purposes. It is NOT meant for burning wood, cooking, and/or heating the unit. Misusing or abusing the fireplace may cause a fire. Again, Unit Owners are liable for all damages related to fires that originate from within their unit. REAL ESTATE SIGNS To prevent the Association from looking unsightly, one (1) professionally made sign of reasonable size is allowed to be on the inside of the unit window.


The Grove is a gated community. In order for your guests to enter, they will need to page your unit from the front gate kiosk by scrolling down the directory list and then punching in the “#” sign followed by your unit access number listed on the screen. Upon verification that they are your guests, just push “9” on your touch-tone phone to allow them access. Thus, it is important that Bartlein & Company Inc., have your local-area 805 phone number. The vehicle gates are usually left open during the busy hours of the day (approximately 6:30 AM - 9:30 AM, and 3:30 PM - 6:30 PM). In addition, they are also left open on the last Sunday of the month for the Realtors from about 1 PM - 4 PM. Only emergency personnel, utility companies, mail carrier, etc., have additional confidential gate codes. The front gate, exercise room and pool area are also opened with the white gate card.

The front directory is updated on a regular basis. If you wish to have your name added to the directory, please call the Association. The pedestrian gates may be accessed by using a special code. Please call Bartlein & Company, Inc., for information. Please do not give out the code to any non-residents.


Each third floor unit has an exclusive appurtenant easement over the portion of the Common Area located immediately above the furnace which serves the unit. Please do NOT use this space for storage or loft, or any type of living space. No alterations are allowed.


  • No exterior radio antenna shall be used or installed at the Association.
  • No exterior video or television antenna (including satellite dish) that has diameter or diagonal measurement of more than thirty - nine (39) inches shall be used or installed at the Association.
  • A video or television antenna (including satellite dish) that has a diameter or diagonal measurement of thirty nine (39) inches or less may be used and installed by an Owner in his or her unit provided that the antenna or satellite dish is not attached to, or located in or upon, the Common Area or Common Facilities.
  • The antenna or satellite dish shall be screened from view from the other Units and Common Areas and painted to blend in with the building; provided that such screening and / or painting does not unreasonably interfere with signal strength or cost an unreasonable amount of money.


In order to protect each resident’s right to enjoy living at the Grove, everyone should exercise discernment and caution when it comes to noise or any other matters that may cause inconvenience to your neighbor. As a rule of thumb, if your conversation or stereo or TV can be heard in another room with the door closed, then you should speak softer or turn down the volume. Also be aware that any loud noises or loud conversations on cell phones while outside your unit, running noisy appliances like washers and vacuum cleaners late at night, as well as smoking close to building air intake vents, or below occupied balconies can be particularly annoying to your neighbors, especially after sunset. A little common sense and consideration of others with whom you share the complex, and exercise of the “Golden Rule” all goes a long way towards maintaining a friendly, neighborly environment that we all can appreciate and enjoy.

SMOKING: As a courtesy to your neighbors, if you smoke, please be aware that smoke fumes from your unit may seep through the internal vent into your neighbors nearby. When smoking outside, please only do so in designates smoking areas.


The quite hours are from 10pm to 8am. During these hours please refrain from doing laundry, vacuuming, power hand tools, etc. It takes little or no effort to promote peace among residents. However, if your neighbor is still uncooperative after you have made attempts to resolve your differences, you may need to contact the Sheriff for their assistance.


Normally, most residents are willing to cooperate and amend their behavior when it is pointed out to them that what they are doing is in violation of the Guidelines, CC&R’s, Bylaws or Rules & Regulations of The Association. When it becomes necessary to fine or otherwise penalize offenders for repeated violations, the following schedule will apply for any violation of the following Association rules. This list is by no means exhaustive as any willful violation of the rules or guidelines is potentially subject to a fine:

1st violation, warning or fine up to $50.00;
2nd violation, same offense: $100.00;
3rd violation, same offense: $100.00 and common facilities privileges may be revoked;

For any exterior alteration without Board’s pre-approval up to $500.00; Continuing violation of same offense: fines up to $50.00 per day may accrue until the violation is stopped or cured.


  • Any willful damage to the Common Area or activities that cause damage to Association property. Any activity that may jeopardize the safety and security of others.


(Gated pool area, exercise room)

  • Using the facilities during “closed” hours
  • Using the facilities without appropriate Facilities Pass
  • Number of guests exceeds allowable limit
  • Unsupervised underage children
  • Using glass
  • Allowing pets (except for service pets)
  • Unauthorized usage of facilities
  • Smoking

Parking, Storage, and Disposal

  • Parking RV, boat, jet skis, mobile home, trailer, storage container or large commercial truck in the development for more than 24 consecutive hours.
  • Parking along the red curbs, red zones, no-parking areas, or any uncurbed areas unless designated otherwise by signs (other than for pick-ups and drop-offs).
  • Excessive or improper storage on patio, balcony or in parking and common areas.
  • Misuse or abuses of trash/recycling areas.


  • Failure to follow traffic signs; speeding.

Exterior Alteration

  • Failure to get pre-approval from Board for any and all exterior alterations or causing exterior damage to unit, buildings, or common area, etc. Board retains the right to demand removal of unauthorized alterations at Unit Owner's expense.


  • Loose pets in the common areas. Failure to clean up after your pet. Damage, injury, or undue disturbance caused by the pet.



  • Parking is provided for The Grove residents and short term (24 hr) use by their guests. Park at your own risk.
  • Assigned parking spaces (covered & numbered) are for the exclusive use by the designated Unit resident and their guests. These assigned spaces are not to be used for storage, or extensive vehicle repairs and maintenance.
  • Park in marked spaces only - one (1) car per space. Parked vehicles must not obstruct adjacent sidewalks or walkways.
  • No parking is permitted along Fire Lanes, red curbs or other posted “No Parking” areas. Except for brief loading and unloading, any vehicle left unattended in these No Parking areas is subject to immediate towing at owner’s expense.
  • Boats, campers, trailers and other recreational vehicles are prohibited from parking at the Grove. There are designated areas for parking motorcycles, but if these are full, parking two motorcycles in one marked parking space is permitted and would be appreciated.
  • Vehicles parked at the Grove must display a valid license plate and current operational DMV registration stickers (month/year).
  • Vehicles in unroadworthy or non-operational condition are prohibited from being parked / stored at The Grove.
  • Parking in unassigned spaces is limited to 72 hrs (unless otherwise posted) - except on the east side of the Phase III main lot (East side of The Complex), where designated long-term parking is provided for authorized vehicles in compliance with all of the above regulations. Please respect these posted parking time limits.

Violators are subject to removal of their vehicles from the Grove property at the vehicle owner’s expense. Unless immediate removal is required, a one-to-three day notice will be typically posted, depending on the type of violation. The vehicle will then be removed. A notice or warning of violation is a courtesy. Flagrant violators or repeat offenders are subject to immediate towing for parking violations without further notice or warning.


Approved by The Board in January 2008.



Rinsing and flattening of cans and trays are helpful and appreciated.


Clear or colored glass jars or bottles only. Please, no plate glass, mirror glass, window glass or glassware.


Newsprint and enclosed newspaper supplements (coupons, ads, specials, etc.), phone books, opened junk mail, magazines, catalogs, and computer paper. Please no plastic or paper bags.


All varieties of clear and colored containers are acceptable. They musty bear the symbol ♻PET ♻HDPE. Please no others. All plastic containers must be flattened and empty to be accepted.


Flattened cardboard boxes (including cereal box type) maybe left for pickup. They must be inside the containers. The cardboard must be flattened.

Please do not “pollute” the bins with bags, caps or other packaging materials. Items placed in the recycling bin cannot be contaminated with food residue. NO HAZARDOUS MATERIALS.

Thank you for making The Grove's recycling program a success.

Recently, the list of prohibited items to be recycled or disposed of in receptacles was revised to include other toxic items, and this list posted at each trash/recycling area. Please look for and abide by these added restrictions. An example of the posted signs is repeated below.

Trash & Recycling Guidelines

If this area is full, please try a different trash enclosure.
Others may have space. Please try not to overflow the containers.

Recyclable Materials - Place in Recycling Carts

PLASTICS Hard plastics of any type

METALS Aluminum, Tin, & Steel Cans; All metal items (such as pots, pans, & utensils}, Aluminium Foil & Pie Pans, Empty Paint & Aerosol Cans, Copper, Lead, & Brass

PAPER ITEMS Junk Mail, Cardboard, Books Magazines, Catalogs, Shredded Paper & Paper Bags, Office Paper and envelopes, Receipts, Molded Pulp (not styrofoam) Egg Cartorns.

GLASS Bottles & Jars Only

PROHIBITED ITEMS Film Plastics (e.g. bags, wraps, tarps, & shower curtains), Styrofoam & Styrofoam Peanuts, Cassettes, CD's, Diskettes, Cans Containing Paints or Chemicals, Oil Filters, Window Glass, Mirrors, Drinking Glasses, Dishes, Pyrex, Lightbulbs, Food Wrapping, Take-out Containers, Paper Plates & Cups, Napkins, Paper-Milk, Juice or Ice Cream Boxes, Waxed Paper or Waxed Boxes, Facial Tissue, Diapers or Pads.

Disposable Materials - Place in Dumpster

Non-hazadarous & non-recyclable household solid waste (see below for exceptions)

Items which cannot be recycled or left in trash

Appliances including refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves, ranges, microwaves etc. Most vendors will haul away old items for a fee. These items cannot be disposed of here and are your responsibility. Please don't leave don't leave here even temporarily. Have them picked up from your unit.

Household Hazardous Waste including batteries, paints, solvents, non-emptied aeroso1 cans, fluorescent light bulbs

Large furniture including sofas, beds, fixtures etc.

Electronic wastes including televisions, computers, VCRs, monitors, smoke detectors

Community Resources

Community Hazardous Waste Collection UCSB 882-3602 (paints, solvents, batteries, fluorescent bulbs, etc)

SB Recycle Computer Recycling (805) 453-0437 (e-waste such as computers, monitors, etc)

Thrift Stores Alpha 964-9996, Goodwil 899-3807, Salivation Army 564-29451 (clothes, furniture)

Freecyle - like eBay, but for free items.

Don't leave "free" Items here. Either take to a thrift store or otherwise handle.

Exhibit “C” POOL RULES

EUCALYPTUS GROVE POOL RULES AND REGULATIONS (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK) The following rules and regulations are for the purpose of establishing equitable guidelines on the common use and care of the pool, sauna, spa, exercise room, and adjoining areas. Individual owners, tenants, their dependents and their guests are responsible for maintaining and following these rules and regulations (as established by duly elected members of the Board of Directors).


The pool, spa, sauna and adjoining areas will be open seven days a week (Sunday - Saturday) during the following hours:

Sunday - Thursday, 7 AM - 10 PM
Friday - Saturday, 7 AM - 11 PM

The Exercise Room will be open:

Daily, 6AM – 8PM
The Board recently approved opening The Gym one hour earlier than traditional, please be respectful of noise if you are an early riser.

Please respect these hours of operation. They are designed with the consideration of your neighbors and fellow residents in mind. Be aware that both residents and non-residents found using these facilities after the posted hours of operation are trespassing, and, therefore, can be treated accordingly.


All The Grove owners, tenants and their dependents are entitled to use of the pool, Exercise Room, and its facilities, as long as they abide by the facility rules and regulations. Residents should always have their gate (access) card with them when using any of The Grove facilities and may be asked to present this card upon request. Use these facilities at your own risk. Please keep excessive noise down in consideration of those who live immediately above or adjacent to these facilities. The following restrictions apply to the use of the pool, exercise room, and adjoining facilities:

Guests: Residents are limited to two (2) guests for each individual occupant or household member. For example, a household of three persons may invite up to six guests for the use of the pool, spa, sauna and adjoining facilities. Guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times.

Glass, Smoking, Pets, and BBQs: At no time are glass, smoking, pets, or barbecuing of any form or purpose allowed in the pool area. This includes the pool area, Jacuzzi, restrooms, shower area and sauna.

Care: All owners, tenants, dependents and guests are encouraged to maintain the pool and its adjoining facilities in a clean and uncluttered condition. Every effort should be made to remove all materials which were brought to the area for personal use and consumption. Treat this pool as if it were your own, because it is. Please insure that the pool gate is closed and latched when entering or leaving. It is required by law that this gate is always kept closed and locked. Please insure that the exercise room door is closed and locked when leaving, and the lights turned off if no one else is present.

Reporting Damage or Maintenance Needs: All pool area and exercise room users are encouraged to report the need for damage repair or maintenance needs as soon as it is noticed. Please direct this report to Bartlein & Company, Inc.

Requesting Service and / or Upgrades: All perceived needs for improvement of pool area or exercise room maintenance, services and new items (e.g. chaise lounges, deck chairs, new exercise equipment etc.) should be directed and communicated to Bartlein & Company, Inc.


Approved by The Board on November 2, 2012

If you need to replace your front door, please submit your request, with the specifications of the door, to the Board for consideration.

  1. Door must have 4 panels;
  2. Glass (frosted or clear) is allowed but must in the top 25% of the door;
  3. Size of the glass cannot be taller than 12”;
  4. Door must be painted white on the outside.


If you need to replace the outside light fixture near your front door, please submit your request to the Board for consideration. To keep the complex relatively uniform, the Board has adopted a limited number of light fixture styles that are suitable.

See our page detailing these fixture options:

Wall Lanterns


If you have children please make sure they do not play in the parking lot, as noise can be an issue and even if accompanied by an adult, the safety of your child is at stake. Children playing around or in the creek beds, hillside or landscaping is also prohibited, as it can unfortunately cause damage to these areas. Any costs to restore damaged areas, plants, landscaping or Association buildings will be passed on to the responsible unit. There is a school and park nearby that can be used for play.


For those owners or residents who want to keep a pet in the complex, the following rules shall apply as governed by the CC&R’s. The Association will only permit dogs (under 25 pounds), cats, (under 15 pounds), domesticated birds, or aquatic animals kept within an aquarium (20 gallons or less).

  1. Acceptable Pets & Pet Approval: As per the CC&R's, no animals, reptiles, rodents, birds, livestock or poultry shall be kept in any Condominium or elsewhere within the development unless they comply with the following guidelines and have Board approval. Only the unit owner may obtain approval to keep a pet in the Association. Non-owners must obtain approval from the unit owner, who must submit a request for approval to the Board before a dog or other pet may be kept in the unit. The owner is responsible for tenant’s compliance with these rules. Owners have an option to not allow dogs or other pets in their tenant’s units. For a dog to be kept in the complex, a copy of the City/County license, and proof of liability insurance for the dog are required.
  2. Licensed and Neutered: All dogs or cats must be spayed or neutered. All dogs must be licensed with the City. When the dog is outside the unit, it must wear the City license tag. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE MAY THE DOG BE ALLOWED TO ROAM FREELY IN THE COMMON AREA AT ANY TIME. ALL DOGS MUST BE CONTROLLED BY A LEASH WHILE ON THE ASSOCIATION PROPERTY.
  3. Number and Size Limited: As per the CC&R’s, not more than two (2) caged birds and not more than ONE licensed dog or cat is allowed per unit. The weight limit on any dog is 25 pounds (unless the animal is an ADA assistance animal). Only One aquarium per unit (20 gallons or less) is allowed.
  4. No Commercial Operations: A pet shall not be kept, bred or used for any commercial purpose.
  5. Common Area Restrictions: A dog shall be confined to the unit housing the pet and must be controlled by a leash at all time. Any waste droppings left must be picked up by the pet owner and deposited in and appropriate waste container immediately.
  6. Patios or balconies: A dog shall never be left alone on any patio or balcony.
  7. Damage to common area elements caused by the pet: Any damage to the common area caused by a pet or caused by cleaning chemicals or such materials used in an attempt to remedy such damage shall be subject to a fine and will also be the full financial responsibility of owner of the unit that houses the pet. Pet owners shall have sole liability for all damages claimed by any person harmed by such dog or pet and shall indemnify, hold harmless and defend the Association from any and all liability whatsoever resulting from such claims and damages including, without limitation, damage awards as well as costs and reasonable attorney fees incurred by the Association.
  8. No Nuisance Allowed: No pet shall be permitted to become a nuisance or create any unreasonable disturbance. If a pet, in accordance with the Association’s complaint and hearing procedures, has been determined to constitute a “nuisance” or cumulative assessed fines for violation of these Rules exceed $300.00, the pet shall be permanently removed from the development within 14 days of notice of the Board’s decision. The written warning ($100.00 fine), third complaint will result in removal of the pet from the property ($100.00 fine).
  9. Pool Restrictions: Pets are never permitted in the pool enclosure (unless the animal is an ADA assistance animal).
  10. Visiting Pets Prohibited: Guests may not bring pets when they visit residents in the association.
  11. Fines and Removal: There is a $100.00 fine per occurrence for any pet violation. The Board may order the removal of any dog or pet where cumulative fines related to the pet exceed $300.00.