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Below is a summary of the rules which govern the Eucalyptus Grove, its owners, and its residents.

Federal & State & Local Law

We are, of course, bound to follow all laws passed by the government concerning the management of a common interest development. State law, in particular, has much to say about how we operate. Here are some of the state laws which most affect us:

  • The state places considerable restrictions on exactly how we may conduct elections to the Board of Directors. In particular, two laws which took effect in 2007 (SB61 and SB1560) require a complicated election procedure. Note that our policy on election procedure was crafted to satisfy the requirements of these laws.
  • A state law which took effect in 2008 (SB528) places restrictions on what the Board may do during its meetings. It prohibits the board from discussing topics which were not placed on the agenda in advance, expect in the case of urgent situations and emergencies.

Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs)

After state law, the strongest rules governing the Grove are those imposed by our Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. The complete text of the CC&Rs is reproduced here:


The CC&Rs are meant to establish a broad set of rules governing the complex; the bylaws are meant to fill in the practical details. The complete text of our bylaws is reproduced here:

Board Policies

Policies are non-binding statements of how the Board intends to meet its responsibilities and exercise its authority. Their purpose is to communicate standing decisions of the Board to owners, residents, and other interested persons. Policies are valid only to the extent that they comply with federal, state, & local law, the CC&Rs, and the bylaws. Furthermore, policies may be waived, repealed, or simply disregarded by the Board in any situation. Nevertheless, good governance dictates that policies should be followed closely and applied consistently.