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There are a few documents which provide governance over The Grove community. This page provides both .pdf versions for Owners to print to read, as well as online text versions. Where possible the .pdf versions have searchable text throughout to aid with searching for reference information.

We have also provided brief descriptions of each document, describing how they affect a our community. These descriptions are very terse, please review the documents in their entirety. These documents are presented in chronological order as they were created, signed, or notarized.

We have attempted to preserve the exact wording and meaning of the text. Nevertheless, errors may exist. When a definitive interpretation is required, please refer to the original scanned .pdf versions of our Governing Documents.

Articles of Incorporation (1984)

The Articles of Incorporation (pdf)

Filed on the 5th of November, 1984 our Articles of Incorporation create the corporation known as Eucalyptus Grove Homeowners Association. This document sets out this name, and the general purpose of the Association as a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation.

This coming November 2022, our Association will be celebrating 38 years since its incorporation!

By-Laws (1984)

The Bylaws

Our scanned copy is dated December 17th, 1984. This document further describes the Association's purpose to lawfully engage in activity to conduct any and all business affairs of common interest to our Association Members. It also describes requirements for meeting notices and meeting order of business; voting procedures; Board Directors & Officers, their powers and duties; Committees; and Records & Financial requirements.

This document covers quite a bit, and has two amendments. The first was signed the 6th of December 1989, nearly 5-years to the day of the Association's original incorporation! Our second amendment came much later in August 2004.

The first amendment adds many sections covering a wide range of rules and regulations in The Grove - Parking; Hours; External Maintenance & Modification; and describes rental occupancy restrictions on the Units in The Grove.

In 2004, The Board expanded the number of Board Directors from 3 to 5.

CC&Rs (1985)

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions

Dated January 14, 1985, The Grove's Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions describes property rights; delineates limitations on Owner's uses of units; and describes our Association's formation, powers, duties, and responsibilities.

There is one amendment to the CC&Rs, filed in February 2021, which reduced the written vote majority requirement from 75% to 50%.

First Amendment to The CC&Rs

Condominium Plans (1985)

Condominium Plan - Lot 1
Condominium Plan - Lot 2
Condominium Plan - Lot 3

This set of 3 documents from July through December of 1985 delineate the "Common Area" boundaries of The Grove's real property and the boundaries of each of our various Unit Layouts. These plan drawings include dimensional drawings of the boundaries of units; descriptions of what is considered interior to each unit; items that are not considered a part of each unit; and the various easements granted to unit Owners for their "exclusive use easements" to any and all Patio, Balcony, and Heating Areas featured in their Unit Layout.

These documents group buildings based on the 3 property lots which were combined into The Grove as we now know it. These three Lots were constructed in series, so sometimes these are also referred to as "Phases". For a list of which buildings are in each Lot (and Phase of construction), refer to this table below:

Property Lot Buildings in Lot
Lot 1 7620
Lot 2 7624
Lot 3 7602

Eucalyptus Grove Association Rules

Association Rules

This document, drafted by The Board in 2015 is typically referred to as our "Resident Guidelines". These guidelines on: Common Area Amenities, Pets, Maintenance, Repairs, and etc. were intended to provide for the comfort and safety of all our neighbors here in The Grove.

Common Area Repair Policy

Common Area Repair Responsibility Policy, 2012

To clarify Homeowner vs. Association responsibilities The Board drafted a document discussing these Common Area Responsibilities & the delineations between what is the responsibility of The Board or that of an Owner.

The Open Meetings Act

The Common Interest Development Open Meeting Act , Civil Code §4900-4955

Finally, our Association is subject to the Common Interest Development Open Meeting Act, more commonly known as the Open Meetings Act. This provides further regulations regarding conduct of Board Meetings.