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This project has been ongoing for many years, with the most recent reiteration beginning in March of 2015 when The Board decided to seek quotes from attorneys to update and revise our Governing Documents. This project has often been stalled as legislation changes require draft updates & as Board Members have been elected we have had to take time to get our new Directors up to speed on the project.

We have also had some degree of turnover with our legal team, we first sought out The Engenolf Group, then moved on from that firm to Price, Postel, Parma and we are currently working with Adams Stirling.

The Board recently solicited for Governing Documents Review Committee members, and formed a Committee with Karen Mullin, Christine Hall, & Tamara Simmons. This Committee met only twice & there are no planned meetings scheduled.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining this, or any of our other Committees.

In May of 2023, Committee members were presented with the following review packet.

Governing Documents Review Committee Packet

Included in this packet is:

A Summary of Board Actions Since 2015
(This summary is also presented in the following section)
A Legal Opinion Obtained in March 2023 on Patio Utility Doors & Water Pipes
This challenges The Boards' long-standing maintenance policies
The 2nd Draft of Bylaws
Drafted by Adams Stirling & approved by The Board
The 2nd Draft of CC&Rs
Drafted by Adam's Stirling & still in contention with the Board
The Board’s Prior Change Requests w/Lawyer’s Feedback
Including feedback on provisions that are now illegal and many inappropriate modifications.
Our Condominium Plan for Lot 1
Which has extensive information pertaining to Owner vs HOA maintenance responsibilities.

Summary of Related Minutes

This table below provides a copy-pasted summary of every Meeting Minute item from our Minutes Packets since the beginning of this long-term project. If you find an error or an omission, please contact us.

Date of Meeting Meeting type Meeting Minutes Item:
4/13/2023 Regular Tabled
3/23/2023 Bonus The Board recently sought a legal opinion regarding maintenance responsibilities of patio storage doors and pipes as indicated in the original Governing Documents (Condominium Plan, CC&Rs, & By-Laws).
3/9/2023 Regular 2nd draft of bylaws & CC&Rs received back from attys; pipes; utility doors Gov Docs meeting scheduled for 3/23/23 at 6PM via Zoom & in person at Meeting Room (7610 Hollister)
2/26/2023 Regular 2nd draft of bylaws & CC&Rs received back from attys; pipes; utility doors.
2/4/2023 Bonus Postponed due to technical difficulties.
1/12/2023 Regular 2nd draft of bylaws & CC&Rs received back from attys; pipes; utility doors Owen moves to schedule a meeting for 2/4/23 at 10AM to discuss updating the CC&RS. The hybrid meeting will be held in the meeting room at 7610 Hollister Ave along with a zoom connection. All in favor. Unanimously approved.
12/9/2022 Regular Joe moved to push through changes with CC&Rs. Tamara seconded. No vote.
11/10/2022 Regular 2nd draft of bylaws & CC&Rs received back from attys; pipes; utility doors.
10/13/2022 Regular Tabled
9/8/2022 Regular Tabled
8/11/2022 Regular No extra meeting next month
7/28/2022 Bonus Board discussed maintenance responsibilities of gas lines, patio doors and
exclusive use easement.
Chris moved to have board put together list of changes between old and new
CC&Rs to present to owners and that the board has one week to do so. Colin
seconded. Unanimous
7/14/2022 Regular Occupancy restrictions, maintenance of exterior doors, exclusive use common areas: 7/28/22 @6pm via zoom
6/22/2022 Bonus Board discussed occupancy restrictions and maintenance. Chris moved to change maintenance philosophy to include outdoor closet doors to have association be responsible for outdoor utility doors. Colin seconded. Lengthy discussion. Tamara moved to withdraw the motion, Joe seconded. Unanimous.
6/9/2022 Regular Special Meeting 6/22/22 at 6pm
5/26/2022 Bonus The Board discussed various definitions and Condominium plans. Including maintenance of landings and balconies and who owns lot 4?
5/12/2022 Regular Meeting 5/26 at 6pm
4/28/2022 Bonus Review of discussion CC&R restatement project and on the progress thus far for newly joined Board Members. Board Members to review lawyer's comments on the suggested changes to the CC&Rs. Board Members to review Condominium Plans.
4/14/2022 Regular Special Meeting 4/28/22 at 6pm with new board.
3/24/2022 Bonus The Board discussed various definitions
3/10/2022 Regular Schedule another meeting 3/24/22 at 6pm via zoom
2/23/2022 Bonus Board discussed Second Draft of Bylaws and CC&Rs. Colin moved to request full explanation of items/changes from Board not incorporated by Adams Sterling. Joe seconded. Unanimous.
2/10/2022 Regular Chris moved to remove Craig as point of contact with lawyer. Craig isn’t point of contact, James is. Colin moved to schedule special meeting on Wednesday 2/23 at 6pm via zoom
1/13/2022 Regular Draft back from lawyer
12/9/2021 Regular In progress – draft of Bylaws & CC&R’s emailed to atty. Committees: Revision of fine schedule: Colin moved to solicit a review committee when new CC&R sent to association. Colin voted Yes. Joe, Howard, Chris, Howard voted No. Motion failed.
11/11/2021 Regular Colin moved to approve changes in the draft of the CC&R’s and send to lawyer. Chris seconded. Unanimously approved.
10/14/2021 Regular Joe moved to send (CC&R’s)documents to Adams Sterling. Colin Seconded. Howard, Craig, Joe Yes vote. Colin No. Chris abstained.
9/20/2021 Bonus Board discussed Articles 8 and 9 of CC&Rs
9/9/2021 Regular tabled until special meeting on 9/20/21 at 5:30 in front of the meeting room.
8/19/2021 Bonus Board discussed Articles 6.1, 6.2, 6.4, 6.11, 6.13, 7.13, 7.15, 7.20, 7.22, and 7.23 of CC&Rs
8/12/2021 Regular tabled until special meeting on 8/19/21 at 5:30PM by Meeting Room.
7/15/2021 Bonus Board discussed Articles 6.2, 6.3, 6.4 and 6.5 of CC&Rs
7/8/2021 Regular tabled until special meeting on 7/15/21 at 5:30PM by 7610 Parking area.
6/14/2021 Bonus Board finished discussion of Articles 4 and 5 of CC&Rs
6/13/2021 Regular Tabled
5/24/2021 Bonus Board finished discussion of Articles 2,3 and 4 of CC&Rs
5/13/2021 Regular 5/24/21 special meeting @5:00PM at board meeting room parking lot.
4/8/2021 Regular Tabled
3/16/2021 Bonus Board finished discussion of Bylaws.
3/11/2021 Regular Special Meeting on March 16, 2021, at 5:00pm, in parking lot by 7610.
2/25/2021 Bonus Lengthy discussion. Once complete, draft of Restated Bylaws will be sent to owners to vote (apart or separate from the Restated & Amended CC&R’s). Board stopped at Page 7 of Bylaws.
2/11/2021 Regular Special Meeting on Feb 25, 2021, at 1:00pm in parking lot by 7610.
1/14/2021 Regular Tabled. Waiting for signed CC&R’s amendment to be recorded by the County.
12/10/2020 Regular Todd Matson, Inspector of Elections reported the results of the ballot count: 138 Yes, 15 no, 3 abstains. Passed. Documents will need be signed in front of a notary (by the Pres & Sec) for recordation. From now, it will only take 50+% to amend CC&R’s.
11/12/2020 Regular Ballot count moved to Dec 10 th due to lack of returned ballots.
10/8/2020 Regular 120 ballots received. Not enough to count. Delayed until next month if sufficient ballots (at least 150+) are received.
9/10/2020 Regular Only 75 ballots received so far.
8/13/2020 Regular Chris moved to approve the CC&R’s amendment reducing 75% -> over 50%. Howard seconded. Unanimous.
Chris motioned for approval of the draft ballot as provided by Adams Stirling to vote to amend CC&R’s. Colin second. Unanimous.
7/9/2020 Regular Board will have comments on Google Docs by next meeting
6/17/2020 Bonus Chris moved & Colin seconded to accept the draft that Adams-Stirling sent in March. 3 Yes, Craig abstained.
6/11/2020 Regular Board discussed rentals and issues with attorney, will have a special meeting to discuss rentals Wednesday June, 17th at 3:00pm, by Bldg 7610.
5/14/2020 Regular Assigned new attorney. Board discussed rentals. Howard moved to tell attorney to allow 30% of units to be rentals, must have at least 12 month rental agreement and owner must occupy unit for at least the first year. No short term/ vacation rentals. Chris seconded Unanimous.
4/9/2020 Regular Some issues with draft like ban on smoking and issues with renting, lawyer needs to redo first draft
3/12/2020 Regular in progress.
2/6/2020 Regular Told 6-10 weeks to update Governing Documents, it's been 17 weeks. Craig is working on it.
1/9/2020 Regular in progress.
12/12/2019 Regular in progress.
11/14/2019 Regular in progress.
10/10/2019 Regular in progress.
9/16/2019 Bonus Board reviewed, discussed, and finalized Restatement Questionnaire for Adams Stirling. Craig will submit draft.
9/12/2019 Regular special board meeting 9/16 @4pm
8/26/2019 Bonus Board reviewed, discussed, and answered questionnaire from Adams-Stirling, Law Firm. Notes will be given to them to draft proposed CC&R's. Board will finish up questionnaire at next regular board meeting (9/12/19).
8/9/2019 Regular special board meeting 8/26/19, at 3:30PM, at 7610 Meeting Room to solely discuss topic.
7/11/2019 Regular Joe moved to accept Adam Sterlings "premium plan" for $6,800 with additional restatement charges ($1,140 - $1,710). Howard seconded. Unanimous.
6/13/2019 Regular Joe motioned to allow Craig to talk to Adam-Sterling. Howard seconded with addendum of asking will they send someone to the meeting to talk to us personally. Unanimous. Chris would like to see a third proposal and will obtain one.
5/9/2019 Regular James got two proposals from attorneys (Adams Stirling & Price, Postel, Parma,) for board to review.
4/11/2019 Regular in progress.
3/14/2019 Regular in progress.
2/14/2019 Regular in progress.
1/10/2019 Regular in progress.
12/13/2018 Regular in progress.
11/8/2018 Regular in progress.
10/11/2018 Regular in progress.
9/13/2018 Regular in progress.
8/9/2018 Regular in progress.
7/12/2018 Regular in progress.
6/14/2018 Regular in progress.
5/10/2018 Regular in progress.
4/12/2018 Regular in progress.
3/8/2018 Regular in progress.
2/8/2018 Regular in progress.
1/11/2018 Regular in progress.
12/14/2017 Regular no action.
11/9/2017 Regular Tabled.
10/12/2017 Regular in progress.
9/14/2017 Regular in progress.
8/10/2017 Regular in progress.
7/13/2017 Regular in progress.
6/8/2017 Regular in progress.
5/11/2017 Regular in progress.
4/13/2017 Regular in progress.
3/9/2017 Regular in progress.
2/9/2017 Regular in progress.
1/12/2017 Regular in progress.
12/8/2016 Regular Lawyer making revised draft.
11/10/2016 Regular Craig has been talking to lawyer, she’s revising the draft.
10/13/2016 Regular in progress.
9/8/2016 Regular discussed rentals v. owner occupied
8/11/2016 Reuglar Tabled.
7/14/2016 Regular Board to make individual “wish list” to be reviewed next meeting.
6/9/2016 Regular Board to make individual “wish list”
to be reviewed next meeting.
5/12/2016 Regular in process of updating
4/14/2016 Regular in process of updating
3/24/2016 Bonus Board discussed, evaluated and reviewed Introductory recitals and Article I (definitions). Board accepted text with minor modifications. Some text was flagged for further review by attorney. To continue with this progress, Board agreed to hold a dedicated 1-hour session on CC&R revision after the regular Board meeting on April 14.
3/10/2016 Regular process of reviewing and updating by Board.
2/22/2016 Bonus Board members discussed differences in drafts. Comparing definitions and terms of the current governing documents to those of a new document provided by an attorney. Board agreed to allow Cathy and Craig to draft their version of definitions and then to present their version to the Board for approval.
2/11/2016 Regular in process of updating
2/8/2016 Bonus Board members discussed differences in drafts. Comparing definitions and terms of the current governing documents to those of a new document provided by an attorney.
1/14/2016 Regular (special board meeting on 2/8/16 @ 6PM @meeting room); James to provide hard copy of existing governing documents to those board members in need.
12/17/2015 Regular tabled for now. Special board meeting to discuss this topic scheduled for 2/8/16, at 6PM, at Meeting Room.
11/12/2015 Regular Tabled for now.
10/8/2015 Regular Tabled for now.
9/10/2015 Regular Tabled for now.
8/13/2015 Regular Board to review governing documents
7/9/2015 Regular Board confirmed to proceed with the Egenolf Group and authorized to pay them $2K as a deposit.
6/11/2015 Regular Craig has spoken with about 7 attorneys and recommended The Egenolf Group. Their proposal for a flat $4K fee with a deposit of $2K. Joe moved & Jaime seconded to accept their proposal. Unanimous
5/15/2015 Regular Price, Postel, Parma gave price of $7,500 to update. Craig has spoken with other attorneys. Tabled.
4/9/2015 Regular Price, Postel, Parma gave price of $7,500 to update. Craig spoke with a few firms – Lowenthal; Ballentyne; and Chip Oxton. No action taken. James will resend the gov docs to Board.
3/12/2015 Regular Price, Postel, Parma gave price of $7,500 to update. Craig will obtain other bids.