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Location of the meeting room in building 7610

Board Meetings

The board meets once per month to conduct the business of the Grove. Owners and residents are encouraged to attend these meetings. At the start of each meeting, all owners in attendance will be given an opportunity to present their comments and concerns to the board.

Meetings are typically held at 6:00 PM on the second Thursday of the month in the meeting room of building 7610. However, the exact time and location are subject to change. Please consult your newsletter for the officially scheduled time.

Also, on rare occasions, the board may hold an emergency meeting to take care of urgent business.

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

Owner Meetings

An owner meeting is held once per year. At this meeting, owners elect members to the board and conduct other business which requires a vote of the owners.

The annual owner meeting is typically held in January at a community meeting room somewhere in Goleta. The exact time and location of the next meeting will be announced to all owners via the newsletter.