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This page is a work in progress!

Please stay tuned as we continue to work on projects throughout The Grove.

There are several projects underway at the Grove. Here is an overview of some of the things going on.

The Gym Renovation Project

In early 2019, The Board empaneled the Gym Committee to oversee a major renovation of our Gym.

Quickly summarizing this multi-year project: The Gym Committee surveyed residents asking for their designs for our shared exercise room. This overwhelming feedback can be read in this document here:

  • 2019 Gym Survey Results (Coming soon!!!)

From this survey we expanded the Gym into the adjacent storage room and purchased all new equipment to align with the feedback received in this survey.

Many thanks to the owners who participated and made this renovation possible!!!

Fence Construction

2007 Fence Construction
  • November 2022: Starting in November we are again rebuilding our Front Fence. This was previously replaced in 2007, and unfortunately only had a 15-year lifetime.

Keycard & Wireless Gate Remote Systems

  • April 2023: With the recent departure of our long-serving Caretaker, it is prudent to audit our keycard & wireless gate remote systems. These systems are getting older and may warrant replacement.

Pool, Jacuzzi, and Sauna Improvements

  • May 2022: The Board had the Pool & Spa water filtered. This treatment is intended to extend filter & pump life.
  • April 2023: The wooden boards in the Sauna are to be removed, sanded, refinished, and reinstalled.

Governing Documents Restatement

  • March 2015: Your Board of Directors began the process of updating and restating our Governing Documents.

See the page for our Governing Documents Review Committee for a summary of this project.

Exterior Lighting Review

  • January 2023: with the recent departure of our long-serving Caretaker, The Board is taking this opportunity to completely review the condition of all The Grove's exterior lights located in our Creeks & Gardens, along pathways, mounted in carports, and those lighting our parking lots.
The unedited and very grainy scan of our original plans.

This has required the creation of "Lighting Maps" so that we can effectively communicate the locations of all the fixtures throughout The Grove.

A cleaned up and useful map of the lighting around Building 7602.

See the first of these reports here: Please be aware that is a rather large .pdf file! (Coming Soon!)