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All visitor parking is limited to 72 hours, unless otherwise posted.
If you park in a visitor space, please move your car within 3 days, or you risk being towed!

Visitor Parking

In addition to the resident parking spaces, the Grove has many visitor parking spaces. All visitor spaces are subject to restrictions. For details, please refer to the rules expressed in the CC&Rs, the bylaws, and the board's parking policy. Those documents contain the final word on parking restrictions. For your convenience, however, those rules have been summarized here:

  • All visitor parking is limited to 72 hours, except for those spaces which are marked as 24-hour spaces and those spaces in the long-term parking area at the east side of the property.
  • All vehicles parked in a visitor parking space must display a current license and registration.
  • Vehicles which violate these rules are subject to towing.
Parking Map of the Grove