Policy on Wall Lanterns

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An original lantern

At the Grove, owners are responsible for the maintenance of the wall lanterns outside their front door, patio, and balcony.

The original wall lanterns have a simple, modern style. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to find exact replacements for these lanterns. Also, many owners believe that a more traditional style would be better suited for the Grove. Therefore, the board has agreed to allow owners to replace the original lanterns with lanterns of a completely different style.

List of Approved Models

Below is a list of approved lanterns which may be used at the Grove. If you replace your wall lantern with any of the models listed below, you may do so without express permission from the board.

No Model Picture
1 Sea Gull Lighting, Model 8038-12 Lantern-8038-12.jpg
2 Sea Gull Lighting, Model 80051-71 Lantern-80051-71.jpg

Additional Guidelines

If you wish to replace your wall lantern with a model which is not on the pre-approved list, you must seek approval from the board. When making its decision, the board will consider the lantern's design and its compatibility with other lanterns used in the complex -- we don't require homogeneity, but we do desire consistency of style. For the best chance of approval, please follow these guidelines.

Encouraged Discouraged Examples
Style Traditional Modern, Storm Lighting Lantern-Modern.jpg Lantern-Storm.jpg
Material Metal Plastic Lantern-Plastic.jpg
Lantern Color Black, Dark Colors Bright Colors, White, Light Colors Lantern-White.jpg
Glass Color Transparent, Translucent Tinted, Colored Lantern-Tinted.jpg
Number of Bulbs One Multiple Lantern-Multiple.jpg
Brightness <= 100 Watts > 100 Watts
Sensors Motion and light sensors are welcome, as long as the lantern itself satisfies the guidelines above.