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At the entrance to the Grove, there are automated entry and exit gates for vehicle traffic. There are also two pedestrian gates.

One of the two pedestrian gates

Resident Entry Through the Auto Gate

A remote-control clicker

Residents have three options for getting through the entry gate:

  • Remote-Control Clickers
For a fee, you can get a clicker for your car which will open the gate as you drive in. To order remote control clickers, use the Gate Opener Order Form.
  • Entry Cards
Entry cards will open the entry gate (and the gate to the pool and the door to the gym). They also require a fee, although they are less expensive than remote control clickers. To order them, use the Gate Opener Order Form.
  • Numeric Entry Codes
Each unit is entitled to a unique entry code which can be used for the entry gate. To obtain a code, please submit a written request to Bartlein & Company. Requests must come from the owner of record; otherwise, they will not be honored. How to use Personal Codes.

Guest Entry Through the Auto Gate

At the entry, there is a kiosk with a numeric keypad and a speaker. Guests may use this to dial-up a resident's phone. While the call is active, the resident can open the entry gate by pressing 9 on their phone keypad.

Note that the three-digit code required to dial a resident from the kiosk is not the resident's three digit unit number. Guests must look up the correct code at the kiosk. How to use Guest Call entry feature.

Scheduled Open Hours

To reduce wear on the gates, they are left open during heavy commuter traffic (M-F 6:30 to 9:30 AM and 3:30 to 6:30 PM). They are also left open during the second and last Sunday of each month for open house traffic (1:00 to 4:00 PM).

Gate Open Hours

The Pedestrian Gates

There are two pedestrian gates. A code is required to enter through either of them. (Note that this code is different than the one used in the vehicle entry gate.) If you need the code, please contact Bartlein & Company.