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The Eucalyptus Grove website was built with MediaWiki. Only board members and other authorized users are allowed to log-in and edit the website. All others are welcome to browse the site, but may not make changes.

MediaWiki Help

Posting Newsletters and Meeting Minutes

Newsletters and meeting minutes are traditionally prepared in Microsoft Word format. To prepare them for the website, the following conversion procedure is required:

  • First, save the Word document in HTML format.
  • In Word, use the menu command View / HTML Source. This will open a new window showing the HTML source code for the document. Copy that code.
  • Open the site html2wiki. Paste the HTML into the window and click "Convert HTML to wiki markup".
  • Copy the text from the window "MediaWiki markup".
  • Create a page for the new newsletter or meeting minutes. Paste the markup code you copied previously. Then click "Show preview".
  • If the preview shows something wrong, edit it in the editing window. Typically, you will need to remove the footer (i.e. "Prepared by Bartlein & Company...").
  • When the preview looks satisfactory, click "Save page".

System Operator Functions

Several functions are available only to the system administrator (WikiSysop).

  • Only WikiSysop may create new user accounts. New users are created on the user login page.
  • Only WikiSysop may delete pages. When logged-in as the system administrator, a "Delete" tab will appear at the top of each page.
  • Only the WikiSysop may edit the navigation box. Do that at the MediaWiki:Sidebar page.