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The Board recently solicited for Community Committee members. Please contact us if you are interested in joining any of our existing committees, or if you would like to suggest another one.

Architectural Control

Architectural Control Committee

This Committee is explicitly described in §7.9 of our By-Laws. It is intended to advise The Board that any proposed exterior modifications do not detract from the overall design of The Grove.

In recent years, these duties have fallen upon The Board.

Generally, all exterior modifications require Board Approval, and some interior modifications may require Board Approval.

See the Committee's page for links to different Board-approved choices for doors, lights, windows, satellites and other exterior and interior modifications.

Community Events

The Board has solicited for members of this Committee, but has yet to receive any interest.

Governing Documents Review

Governing Documents Review Committee

At the December 2022 meeting, The Board approved the creation of a committee to review the current, unfinished draft of the Governing Documents which are still in deliberation. Please Contact Us if you are interested in participating in this committee.

See the page for our Governing Documents Review Committee for a summary of this project.


Founded in 2019, the original members were Ed & Denice Cora and Colin Smith. Later on, Owen Roth would join the Committee as Ed & Denice stepped away from the Committee.

Empowered by the very successful "Gym Survey of 2019", our Gym Committee took to the task of interpreting this feedback into a plan of action to update our "Weight Room" into a proper Gym.

This included:

  • Expansion into the adjacent "Maintenance Room", nearly doubling the square footage of the gym.
  • Expansion of the existing Gym bathroom for better ADA-compliance.
  • Installation of new rubber flooring and wall bumper-guard for a professional appearance.
  • Purchasing of new workout equipment based on the feedback provided.
  • Hiring a local maintenance company for routine inspection and maintenance of all equipment

Thank you for your patience while that project completed!

See our page on The Gym for more information about The Gym.

Nominating Committee

This Committee is explicitly described in §5.3.2 of our By-Laws. It is intended to solicit and evaluate recommendations for candidates for the Board.

This Committee is currently defunct.


(More specifically the Solar & EV Charging Committee)

Founded in 2021, this Committee aims to bring long-term green energy solutions to The Grove to modernize our community's electric infrastructure.

Currently this Committee has four members:

Tamara Simmons
Kurt Muenzer
Jim Dewey
Colin Smith

Webpage coming soon!


Founded in 2022, this committee aims to refresh our Wiki to better present Owners with relevant information and news about our community.

Our Website is a constant work in progress, please contact us with suggestions!

Something missing?

Please do not hesitate to contact us to suggest a committee!